Moving day has come, and you and your hired moving company are about to enter your new home. Before letting the movers in, however, you should double check if your new home is safe from all the possible scratches and scrapes it might get from all the moving that will happen. You need to make sure that it is well-protected, especially the walls and the floor.

  1. Use door jams.

Door jams look really simple, but they are extremely useful. Since the movers will be busy bringing in your boxes, they will be going in and out of the house a lot. You won’t be there at all times to open or close the door for them as you will be busy, too. Use a door jam to keep the floor steady and open the whole time. This way, you don’t have to run around and worry about the door every time the movers need to get in or out. Sometimes, the sudden movement of the door can hurt your floor.

  1. Use slides for your furniture.

This should be done before moving day. Purchase several pieces of furniture slides. These are the ones that you place on furniture corners and legs so that you won’t have to worry about moving the items from one area to another in your new home. Since the edges and legs are covered, they won’t scrape or scratch the floor or walls .

    1. Find something to protect your floor and carpet.

This is another task that should be done before you move into your new home. Purchase a wood or carpet protector. There is one that is self-adhesive, so all that you need to do is place in on the floor or carpet before anyone else gets inside the house. Buy several of this so that you can apply some on the most exposed areas of your new home. With this protector, your floor and carpeting won’t get any stains, marks, scratches, or smudges when the movers bring in your stuff.

Follow these tips if you want a smooth and efficient moving day experience. Better yet, write these three items on your moving day checklist so that you won’t forget them.